Cooper Zeon RS3-A - 215/45X17

[4/17/2013] Reviewed by: Lee Calton

Applicable to: '06+

High Performance All Weather Tire

I just bought a '07 GT with 28,000 miles on it. The original owner had installed 17X8 Enkei RPF-1's mounted with 205/45X17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-01's when he took delivery of the car. They were worn down to the wear bars. They were very soft tread and stiff sidewalls and the car handled like a go-kart - immediate steering response and a loud, harsh ride. I wanted to get a more touring oriented ride and noise level and realized that I would sacrifice handling to get this. Research here, at TireRack and DiscountTireDirect lead me to choose between these Coopers, Michelins and Dunlops. I had decided to change to 215/45's for ride improvement based on what I'd read here. I chose the Coopers on what I felt like was the best bang for the buck. My local mechanic met the internet price for the set of tires and I have lifetime rotate/balance/check alignment with them for $525 total. So, the differences: if steering response was 10 before, its 9 now. Just a hair less immediate. If ride harshness was 10 before, its 5 now. Significant. If tire noise level was 10 before, its 3 now. Huge. This is after just 500 miles on local interstate and some winding 2 lanes around here. I will speak to tread life and spirited driving later on. For me, it was a great choice for the type of driving I plan to do with the car. I'm looking forward to spending lots of time in it!

Sorry for the re-post. I forgot to tell about choosing a different size in the original post.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Cooper Zeon RS3-A high performance all-season tires, size 205/45/17

[9/15/2012] Reviewed by: Phil Fairman

Applicable to: '06+ 1.8 liter

Cooper Zeon RS3-A high performance all-season tires, size 205/45/17

I had put a set of Kuhmo Ecsta 4X tires on my OTM and really liked them, was seriously considering a set for my 06 GT. My tire dealer, with whom I have been dealing for 20+ years suggested I try these new Coopers, I could run them for 45 days and bring them back if I didn't like them, so I took the plunge.

I wanted an all-season as I do some dry-road driving during the winter with my MX-5. My first trip with these tires was a 1,000 mi trip to Northern NY state from Central Pa, in short, fantastic! Very smooth riding, quiet and better handling in corners than the factory Bridgestones they replaced, Great Tires!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Cooper CS4 Touring "H" rated tires

[5/28/2009] Reviewed by: Rick A. Gilligan Jr. -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+ 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Cooper "H" rated CS4 all-weather tires

Tires were put on and balanced by Tire Kingdom in South Florida.

The 65 mph shimmy I had before these tires-even with Pirelli PZero's-is now a thing of the past. I can tell no difference in handling on wet or dry pavement, high speed or around townI bought these tires to replace a set of Yokohamas, and these, while similar in price, are much superior in almost every way. I love these tires, and will replace them with the same tire when the time comes. Shouldn't be very soon, as these tires have a very high wear rating in all the reviews I read about them.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely


[3/15/2009] Reviewed by: Phil Fairman -

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

Cooper ZEON ZPT 205-45-16 (mounted on factory "04 LS alloys)

These were recommended by my local tire dealer. I had to replace the factory stock Bridgestone Turanzas as they were almost 6-years old, VERY hard, flat spotted after sitting for a week and starting to crack in the sipes. The ride with the Bridgestones was very harsh and jarring (mostly because of the age) but the Coopers were a revalation....smooth quiet ride, much softer over expansion joints and very grippy and predictable on ramps and sharp corners.

These are a good choice for the Miata that is used mostly in a "touring" fashion, they have an M+S rating, but is not a high rating, so I consider them an excellent dry/wet traction tire that will work if you get caught in some light snow. As my '04 LS stays in the garage when there is salt/snow on the roads this is not a concern for me. Overall a very pleasant and predictable tire

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Cooper Zeon 2xs

[2/7/2006] Reviewed by: Thomas Donovan -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

The tires are Cooper zeon 2xs 205/50/15 on stock 1997 M wheels

I love them if you want a rain tire and dry traction this is your tire. i can pull 65mph on a on ramp now

Buy them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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