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[9/15/2007] Reviewed by: Tierdyn Cleminson - sotul1@rogers.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Motegi Racing Wheels Trac Lite 15 x 7 Gun Metal Grey Polished Lip

Took forever to get them here in Canada. Origionally ordered Trac Lite II in silver 6 spoke but when the order cam in they were trac lite one gun metal grey with a polished lip.

The product is outstanding. The wheel weighs 10.5 pounds and has an outstanding finish. I have raced them at track day as well as autocross and they are impressive. Unspronge weight remains low. The wheels have endured many a pot hole and rail road track and remain true, likely due to the forged process during production. The silver lip is highly polished and the gun metal grey is metalic and covered in many coats of clear. Simply love the look. These wheels are a 35 offset. A strong choice when looking for a light wheel. I tried to buy SSR but they were 525 canadian and only available in 6.5 inches and as I am super charged with an MP62 that is nust not enough of a footprint.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Motegi Racing MR7 HyperBlack

[12/14/2006] Reviewed by: Jason - jlike78@sigecom.net

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

Seven spoke tuner wheel. Painted finish in HyperBlack. This color looks like a graphite chrome, very nice. I have the 17" wheel. Paid around $155 each from a local shop.

The wheel looks outstanding on the car with 205/40 series tires. The spokes do protrude from the tire and this has caused some scratching from curbs. Torque wrenches will mar the finish if you are not very careful. Explain this to the wheel installer even if that seems redundant. They weigh around 24 lbs each so a bit on the heavy side but they're inexpensive. With the low pro tires, I have had to replace one wheel after hitting an expansion grid at 80mph. Normal driving is fine though. Overall a really great looking inexpensive wheel, you just have to be careful with 'em.

Not an installed item

Motegi Racing MR12 wheels

[8/5/2005] Reviewed by: Colin

Applicable to:

Motegi Racing MR12 (12-spoke) wheels, gold, 15x7 in., +40mm offset, 4x100 bolt pattern, cast aluminum alloy, mounted on a 2000 Miata LS. Weight: 17.5 lbs (4.5 lbs more than OEM Mazda 15x6 cast wheels).

These were selected as my daily driver wheels because I was specifically looking for gold wheels, they were exactly the correct offset and they allowed me to mount a wider tire than the stock 15x6 Mazda wheels. They require hubcentric rings for proper fit on Miatas. The wheels have been subjected to very average daily driving - mainly city, some highway, verey rare autocrosses and have approximately 35,000 kms on them now. Although I have hit my share of potholes, there is no obvious damage and they can still be balanced without any problem. The clearcoat and paint have stood up well to the elements (including some exposure to road salt) but the spokes were easily scratched down to the white undercoat when rubbed by a torque wrench (close to the hub, the spokes protrude outside the wheel rim and are exposed to rubbing by curbs, lug nut wrenches, etc.).

Be advised - some advertising photos of the MR12s show the wheels with only 4 (or 5) mounting stud holes. In fact, my MR12s came with 8 holes - the inner set for 4x100 stud patterns and the outer holes for a larger bolt pattern. I could do without the extra holes for appearance sake, but on the other hand, the holes do reduce weight. These were my first aftermarket wheels and I am generally satisfied. However, I will be more careful selecting my next set of wheels to avoid spokes likely to be scratched or scarred and I'll be more discerning when it comes to weight. The OEM Mazda wheels are hard to beat when it comes to weight and robustness.

Not an installed item

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