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NEXEN N2000 Tires

[12/24/2006] Reviewed by: Bob Thiery -

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

NEXEN N2000 Tires

As a used car dealer I get to experience a lot of products for free, they come on the cars that I buy. Recently I picked up an 01 LS that had a new set of these tires on them. Since I had never heard of them before, I thought that they were probably cheap and probably not going to be very good. O contrare, they turned out to be excellent tires, that looked agressive, had good bite, excellent high speed feel, and relatively quite. These tires are definitly keepers. I normaly put new tires on all my Miatas, and get a good alignment. Because of cost I usually install Federal SS595 (short life span is the only problem, 15-20K), but I think I will start using the NEXENs, tread wear rating is higher. As a dealer I usually buy the Miatas (my favorite car), give them my special treatment, and get to drive them for a month or two. Tires and alignment are the most important things on a Miata, I just picked up another 01 that has a newer set of tires that I know cost $180 per tire, and they suck, and I'll be changing them out for a new set of NEXENs. Internet cost is about $60 per tire, and is a real value.

Definitely recommend.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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4 February, 2007

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