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Nitto NT-01 DOT legal competition tires

[1/1/2019] Reviewed by: Keith Kimble

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

DOT legal competition tire

18 months

Previously OEM Dunlops, Dunlop 8000s, Bridgestone SO3s. Street driving, not track. Very noisy. Very sticky. Very worth it. Heat cycle them. Not for temps under 32 degrees, or for standing water. Wow!!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Nitto NT450 & NT555 Tires

[4/18/2011] Reviewed by: JohnJason -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+ 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Nt450 and Nt555 Nitto 215x40x17 and Nitto 215x35x18 and Nitto 225x35x18 tires.

NT450 model tires about 38% failure rate. Sued Nitto USA and got NT555 tires in exchange. No problems with NT555.

About 5-10,000 miles on NT555 without problems. NT450 had 3 fail of 8 tires and no racing with them.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Nitto 450 extreme performance

[7/24/2006] Reviewed by: James Machie sr. -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

NITTO 450 all season extreme performance tires size 205/50-15

These tires are on my 95 VW GTI VR6.I have about 51000 miles on these tires and they are definately well worn.Actually they are scarey worn at this point.I am a very aggressive driver and have had these puppies in excess of 130+ mph alot.Yes my car really does go that fast!I can't seem to let anyone pass me on the highway.They corner very well,traction is very good.The tires very good in the rain and snow.After about 40000 miles the sticky seems to fade considerably.

I like these tires a lot.I am ordering a new set later tonight.I know they are a great tire for the size and weight car I have.These are on my recommended list of tires to buy.I think $ an exceptional deal for a tire that gives you around 40000 miles and has excellent handling.Hope you have results as good as mine.

Not an installed item

Nitto 450 204/50

[4/22/2006] Reviewed by: aric s -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

good long lasting cheap sticky tire

i have this tire on my car and have had nothing but good performance. the only reason its loud on the roads is because your car doesent have the sound it needs to cover it up. you should not listin to your tiers,feel your tiers, you listing to your car. anyone who has a complant about this brand and its noise, get a good exaust and that sound from the tires will go away

Not an installed item

Nitto Extreme 450 tires 205/50/15

[4/28/2002] Reviewed by: Shaun Keeling -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

"V" speed rated performance? tires

Mixed bag of tricks with these tires. First the good; I commute 90+ miles a day in my Miata, these tires currently have about 25k miles on them I would guess they will go safely to 35k miles, Pretty good for a speed rated tire. They also look nice and were cheap, $50 each at my local Discount Tire dealer (I did "negotaite" with them on the price). The bad; Noisy (worse then having dedicate snow tires all the way around). They do not track very well on worn/rutted freeway. In my opinon, dry traction sucks for a performance tire. Wet traction is fair at best. They do seem to resist hydroplaning in heavy rain on the freeway. These tires are "mud and snow" rated. I did not try them in the snow (I have four snows for that) but I do not think they would be the hot ticket for a light RWD car in the snow or ice.

I will try Kuhmo's next time and hope to get a good compromise between performace and tire life. Who are they good for; somebody who wants the "look" but does not plan on driving a Miata as it was intended! Will I buy them again? NO.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

NITTO 555 Extreme ZR Tires

[4/8/2002] Reviewed by: Armaan Menon -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Nitto 555 Extreme ZR Tires - Maximum Contact Patch

Simply Awesome!!. I use to have the Nitto 450's and they are nothing in comparison to this tire. They provide excellent traction control and stick to the ground and deliver the horsepower where it is needed most.

I would highly recommed this tire for those who have modified their Miata. Feel the Power!!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Nitto NT450 Extreme (205/55/15) (205/40/16)

[5/25/2001] Reviewed by: Dallas Dodson -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

The Nitto NT450 tire is an aggressive tire in wet and dry (yeah right) Good looks doesn't=good grip

I have two sets of NT450's, one from a previous set of wheels on my old car and the set that were on the Miata when I purchased it. Neither set is worth the money. I have a set of mounted on 15" Konig cobra rims size 205/55/15, and the other set is on 16" Enkie's size 205/40/16. Both sets tend to squeal around corners. Dry traction is less than phenomenal. Wet is better than expected. Road noise is annoying.

When I get some more money, I'm gonna get either a set of Kumho or Toyo. I've at least heard only good reviews about them as apposed to the Nitto's

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Nittos 450s

[2/6/2001] Reviewed by: John -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Nitto 450 tires. size: 215/40/16

One of the best that there is for Miata. most likely because of size, but what ever other guys saying i never felt. i have 3 Miatas and on all of them different tires. all though i live in Seattle and we have rain here, those tires handle perfect in wet or dry and even in snow. of course my car has lsd what will show big difference.

I would recommend this tires for pros... But i wouldn't recommend them for whiners...

Not an installed item

[10/13/2000] Reviewed by John Lefcourte -

We purchased a set of these tires for our 2000 with sports suspension because "Grassroots Motorsports" said they were a terrific combination autocross/ street tire. The tire mounting shop was very impressed with them and cautioned us that they were a very high performance tire. The tires were only marginally better for autocrossing than the factory equipped Michelin tires, and I do mean marginally. They lasted four days of autocrossing with two drivers and were worn to the wear indicators. When the streets were the slightest bit wet they'd let loose if driven the least bit hard. A complete waste of money and made me very disillusioned with Grassroots Motorsports recommendations.

Not an installed item

Nitto NT-450 Extreme Tires

[1/11/2000] Reviewed by Mark Coats -

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Nitto Ultra High Performance tires. Speed Rating"V" Temperature"A" Traction"A" Wear Rating"300" Size205-50 15

You would think that by now I would have learned. I have a big "box-o-parts" that I've had to remove from my '97 Miata because they're not as advertised. But, I went ahead and bought the Nitto 450 extreme(?) tires because I liked the tread design and the price. Well, here's another "fine" product I can throw in the "box-o-parts." They may be good in the wet, but these tires are like driving on ice on dry pavement (possibly a slight exaggeration)! After a couple hundred miles, I took a "spirited" drive through a twisty little road and put her in the weeds! I do quite a bit of autocross racing and I've never looped her on the track, let alone on the road)! They will hold up to a certain point, and then they're gone--no warning, no controlled drift, just, "see ya." Someone said in another review "...leave these tires to the boy-racers with their Civics..." I agree! If you like to drive your car the way it's meant to be driven, don't even think about these!

Reviewed by: Richard Dodson - [7/23/99]

NT-450 Extreme Performance Tires
195/50 15
(mounted on Konig Caffeine 15 X 6.5 rims)

Not good. Mushy, noisy, pebble-collecting tires. "Extreme"ly overrated.

I have to agree with some of the other reviews and say that these are some noisy tires. When I first got them about 4000 miles ago, I thought that I could live with the noise. I was right: with the top down, wind and engine noise almost drown out the squeals around every corner. But what I can't live with is the lack of grip on these tires. I wanted less sidewall in order to reduce mushiness in corners, but these are just as bad as the Pirelli P600's (185/60 14) that I had before! I tried futzing with the air pressure, I had the wheels realigned (twice), nothing!

The good thing about these tires is that they do indeed stick quite well in the rain, and straight-line braking is very much improved.

But overall, these tires do not belong anywhere near a real sports car like the Miata. Leave these poseur rubbers to boy-racers in their Civics and Neon.

Reviewed by: Armaan Menon -

"Extreme" uni-directional tread design provides NT-450 radials with excellent wet weather performance and superior traction performance, while delivering smooth and quiet ride. A double-V tread design comprised of a combination of slanted grooves and lateral slits provide efficient water drainage to ensure superior wet-road handling. The use of the double center rib and double groove makes it an aggressive and sexy high performance A/S (all season) concept pattern worthy of the title "Extreme Performance." NT- 450 radials are "V" speed-rated, up to 149 mph.

Simply an awesome tire. I have not experienced any sounds from the tires as claimed by other reviewers. The tires I have are the NT 450 (205/40 R16). These tires are mounted on a set of Enkei Zoku rims and look awesome. I have a homepage where you can view pictures of my car and the tire/rim set up. The homepage is These tires handle extremely well on the road, both in wet and dry conditions.

Although my car has an extraordinary amount of horsepower on the rear wheels, these Nitto tires simply are "Sticky" enough to provide excellent traction. In addition to all this, handling performance has increased substancially. If you do not have the correct set up, that is the proper suspension and springs, these tires will not perform as well as you would expect them to on a stock miata for example. Many people have the wrong idea about modifying a car, and there is a lot more to it, than simply upgrading and changing.  If you have any questions regarding Miata modifications, or suspension related queries, or for that matter anything regarding a Miata, you can email me, and I'll be glad to help you out.

Reviewed by: Bill DeMarco -

Ultra High Performance tires. Speed Rating:"V" Temperature:"A" Traction:"A" Wear Rating:"300" Size:205-50 15

Always one to be a rebel, I would have to disageree with some of the reviews found here.

One of the big things for me when I purchased my Miata was to keep it cheap (or that was the promise I made the wife after the M3). I have owned all kinds of cars from a '96 BMW M3, '93 Z-28, '89 RX-7 Turbo II, to name a few, I am also on my second Miata. Some of these reviews are harsh on Nitto, but you have to look at price. These tires run about $70 a corner, you are not going to find much on the market at that price. I am not a racer (anymore) as several other reviewers are. I am an aggressive driver, who drives my Miata to work everyday. I have the Nittos mounted on a set of Konig GT-Rs and could not be happier. The ride is great, a huge improvement over the stock tires and I have not noticed the noise that other owners have, maybe I have not taken them to the “edge” yet. I have had them on my car for about 4 weeks now and have not experienced any of the down sides noted by others.

I am quite sure that the experience on the track may be different, when the weather here in IL improves and I get to a track I will update the review. But for a good-looking tire on a daily driver that handles well at a great price I would recommend the Nitto. If you are going to race or autocross maybe Yokohamas AVSs or Dunlop 8000/9000s are better, but you will pay for it.

Reviewed by: Steve Lewinski -

"High Performance" tires. Speed Rating:"V" Temperature:"A" Traction:"A" Wear Rating:"300" Size:205-50 15

I have a '96 base (no LSD) with Tokiko illumina shocks, Eibach springs and sway bars. The tires are mounted on Smith's 15X7 inch (16.5 lbs.) wheels. My last tires, Dunlop D40M2s of the same size, wore out in less than a year and were pretty squirrely in the rain. They were very predictable on the track, but drifted a little sooner than I liked. Call me a victim of marketing hype and a sucker for cool tread design. I liked the look and the price of these Nittos (approx.$100 per) and purchased a set.

On the expressway, the ride is acceptable. They are not noticably rough or noisy. On city streets, the tires squeal around corners and, IMHO, lose traction too easily in any dirt/sand spilled across the roadway.

I have had a few chances to take them out on the track and am VERY disappointed in these tires. I found that not only do they squeal around EVERY corner, but also under hard braking - even when they are nowhere close to being locked up. Cornering is not only loud, but also twitchy. Despite adjusting air pressure, shock stiffness, and rear sway, my front end consistently pushes wide, and upon correction, the rear begins to come around. My old D40M2s, even when worn to the belts, were much stickier and smoother and would drift more predictably than these Nitto slabs of rubber.

On the other hand, I can go quite fast on public roads in the rain. Yes, that's right. These things really shine in the wet. Where I might do 95mph dry, I could easily do 75mph in a heavy downpour. I have much greater confidence in the tires in the rain than on the dry. They could be safer during the wet Atlanta winters than D40s, but that's not why I buy tires. I'll probably dismount these soon and aquire a set of D40M2s or AVS Intermediates.

Being a somewhat "spirited" driver, I regretted my purchase immediately. I squealed out of the parking lot and all the way home. These things squeal more than ANY tire I've EVER owned. I have 2000 miles on them now and they do squeal a bit less, squealing only around MOST corners.

I am certain, however, that those looking for an inexpensive, long-lasting, all-weather tire could be quite happy with the Extreme 450s. I just wish Nitto had been more truthful in their advertising and had presented them as such.

Looking for "Extreme Performance"? Run, don't walk, away from these tires.

Reviewed by: Aaron Tachibana -

Nitto NT-450 Extreme tires 205-50-15 M+S "V" rated

Saw the ads for Nitto tires..hmmm...looked pretty good, and I've read from Turbo Magazines review of the tires that they performed really well, both in the dry testing as well as the wet. Purchased the tires through a local performance dealer and was really pleasantly surprised at the cost. I bought 205-50-15's and including appropriate taxes they came to $91.00 each. Okay so far so good. The tires are really aggressive looking. Tread pattern is very similar to the new Dunlop SP 9000's. The overall profile of the tire is somewhat square. While this kinda looks cool, it really inhibits the performance characteristics of the tire (more on this later). I mounted the tires on 15" x 7" TSW Blades, and my car is a 94' "R" set up with FM springs, Tokico HP shocks and FM sway bars, and a Greddy/Trust upper shock tower brace. The alignment specs came from Miq Millman. The ride was acceptable and the noise level moderate considering the tire's tread pattern. In the looks department they sure fit the bill...aggressive, filled the wheel wells and combined with the TSW Blades, absolutely looked great! Many people (including non-Miatae complimented the look)....but looks are not everything.

First I must say that I live in Silicon Valley....about 40 miles south of San Francisco. We have for the most part excellent roads...pretty smooth. We do not have to deal with snow and ice, but we do have rain occationally. So taking this into consideration, here's what I discovered about the performance capabilities of these tires:

They plain suck! Traction is nill. They slide like ice skates on smooth surfaces and skitter on rough. They are extremely noisy...squealing on every turn from low speeds on up. They produced a (due to their lack of grip) tremendous push when cornering..even slow to moderately. Those of you in the know are now thinking..."why didn't you compensate by adjusting the sway!" Yes I did that, as well as playing with the tire pressures..helped a fraction, but still did not cure the pushing. My car internally is stock, haven't even done the 14 degree bump in ignition timing yet, and it was too easy to break the tires loose on every shift up to third gear. I know I'm not making 300 rear I checked the traction was 300! Yes, these tires are HARD! Another disturbing factor was these tires took a lot of weights to balance, and no it wasn't because of the TSW Blades (more on that later).

I should say that I'm an aggressive driver, probably due to my glory days in SCCA and AMA Motorcycle racing, so I'm purely judging these tire from the my prefered driving style. In fairness, for the average commutter these tire probably would do well and have the plus of wearing for 40K miles with good rain handling abilitiy, but for those that want tire peformance to match the suspension modifications of our Miata's...I'd pass on these tires. Nitto Corporation has done well in their marketing department for these tires. They are extremely popular out here with the road racer wanna be Civic crowds...but maybe that's the problem...I'm not a wanna be...just a has been bee to road racing.

I ended up replaceing the Nitto's with B.F. Goodrich Comp ZR T/A's. More expensive, but the difference in performance is virtually night and day. I mounted them on the TSW Blade, took little balancing weights. Using the original sway bar positions I had when I first bought the Nitto's...the T/A's handled great. Grip was terrific and the car handled my original conclusions on the Nitto's lack of traction induced pushing seemed to be verified.

In conclusion...there are no compromises when you want performance...The Nitto Extreme NT-450's do not fit the high peformance handling capabilities that the Nitto corporation is marketing.

Aaron Tachibana

Thanks to Bill Cardell, Miq Millman and UPS for getting my suspension where it is today...1 "G" here I come....

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9 February, 2019

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