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Last updated: 11 December, 2012

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What is a FAQ? What is this document for?

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ list is to help Miata Owners and Enthusiasts in the Internet community by providing the answers for some common questions. While every attempt has been made to provide accurate and dependable information, mistakes are inevitable. Not all questions have a simple straightforward answer, and in some cases, such as selecting the right tire, the answer will obviously be an opinion. What works for some people may not be the right thing for you. Use this information at your own risk. and permission is granted to create links that reference this location as appropriate.

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What other Miata resources are available on the net? is currently the best starting point for exploring Miata resources available on the Internet. The information content is frequently updated and submissions are encouraged. The main discussion forum is The Miata Forum - a threaded web-based bulletin board.

There are also other resources available.

When was the Miata first mentioned on The Net?

OK, so this isn't really frequently asked, but its interesting. From Google, the first documented Mention of "Miata" on Usenet was in June of '89.

|   Subject: ?? Mazda Miata info wanted ??
|   Newsgroups:,, misc.wanted
|   Date: 1989-06-02 06:20:21 PST
|   Has anyone seen the new Mazda Miata? The dealerships around
|   here say they will get a few in a couple of months and I was
|   just wondering if anyone (particularly in the West coast) has
|   seen one, and if so what do they think about it? By the way
|   what is the price?
|   Also while on the subject of Mazda, does anyone know anything about
|   the new Mazda RX7 (89 1/2 model year).  Is 3 rotor engin still a
|   possibility? How about twin turbo chargers? Is the body going to change?
|   (I hope so!)
|   Thanks, S. Alavi    ..att!ihlpf!ssa

Where is Miataville? How do I get there?

Miataville was a forum on CompuServe. Similar forums existed on AOL and Prodigy Networks.

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