Artwork by: Rebecca Zook

Welcome to M Views, the gallery for M! Our goal is to provide not just pictures of Miatas, but art with Miatas as the subject. We'll be featuring photos as well as illustrations, anything that embodies the Miata spirit. We do ask that you respect the artists or the providers of the images - please do not post these images elsewhere or use them without permission of the creator.

We have noticed that some versions of Netscape display these files darker than other programs. This does affect the appearance drastically in some cases.

Cursors and icons!

Little things to keep close by - you should enjoy these cursors. Replace that little hourglass with a Miata that is telling you to wait. You can even drive it around, of course. The views from the front have their emergency flashers on. Windows users only, I'm afraid. Does someone want to transfer them to Mac?
To install to your computer, simply download the appropriate files. Then choose "Mouse" from your control panel, and go to the "Pointers" section. 3 to 5 k each.

Miata Lee

It's not exactly art, but it certainly is something you don't see very often. Imagine if the coupe ever fell into the hands of two fellows named Bo and Luke.....


A takeoff on my favorite Porsche ad ever.

Reflections on a Coupe

A detail of the M Coupe taken at Miata 96. That's the Speedster in the reflection. If you look closely, you can see a sticker on the vent window.


Sunset over the Ottawa River and a club meeting. Also available in a 24 bit BMP format for Windows 95 wallpaper and an 8 bit BMP format for Windows 3.1.

Flare - Keith Tanner

Pure fantasy. The Miata is from a Dutch brochure with a lot of modification.

The M Files

No actual Miatas, but many of you may identify with this. The truth is best viewed from the driver's seat.


Butch Brown (M #32) has a car that is a work of art in itself. This picture is from the photo shoot for Sports Compact Car. It's not just a pretty face!

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