The Lazy Cup Holder Door Fix

By Jerry Reuter

I own a 2002 with the dual cup holders and the rear door is lazy. It won't stay closed on it's own, and often opens when I shift. The following text and pictures shows how I fixed mine. Your console might differ slightly, this is meant to be a general guide to give you an idea of what is involved. You should disconnect the battery before working on electrical things, but I will admit I didn't.

First lift the power window switch. I place masking tape on the console just to the front and rear of the switch. I use a steel bladed putty knife because they are much thinner than a plastic putty knife. (Pic001) Remove the two screws in the console compartment. (Pic002) Remove the screw under the Power Window switch. (Pic003) Remove the shift knob. (Pic004) Remove the screw under the trim caps on both sides of the console. The cap should pop open with a corner of the putty knife. Use tape again if you need it. (Pic006) Poke the wire loom plastic nipple back through the hole to free the loom from the console. (Pic007) Picture of the loom plastic nipple that secures the loom to the console. (Pic008)

I found the cause of the lazy door. The spring clip is not secured into place because the little plastic tab is broken off allowing the door to stay half way open and not snap closed or open. (Pic009) Remove the frontcup holder first. Note they share the two middle screws. The clip is in place on the front holder. (Pic011) Tab holding clip. (Pic013) Broken rear cup holder, the spring retaining tab is broken off allowing the spring to fall off the round boss. (Pic014) The spring won't stay on. (Pic015)

I drilled a 1/16 inch hole to wire the spring down. (Pic016) Note location of drilled hole. (Pic018) I wired the spring down with crafters wire. I actually had enough room to loop the wire through twice, so I did. You could most likely use a paper clip or just about anything you have lying around to do the same thing. (Pic022 and 024)

The front cup holder was drilled and wired down just as a precautionary measure, and I reversed the procedure to reassemble the car. The tools I used are a #2 Phillips Screwdriver, Steel bladed 1" putty knife (old used one with rounded corners), Some tape for buffering my tools, A small drill bit and a couple pieces of fine wire.

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24 December, 2005

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