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Forced Induction
For the horsepower and torque crowd

ECU Pinout - '90-'93 Manual Transmission

Frank DeVocht's BEGI System IV Installation

Hakuna's System IV Installation

Turbo/Super chargers / Coolers

The BEGI Autorotor

Normal Aspiration
Smaller power increases for less ambitious budgets.

Exhaust / Headers

Exhaust Installation

Air Flow Meter Replacement 

Racing Beat Power Pulse Installation

Racing Beat Header installation

Dyno Days
What does that setup *really* do?

MiataMania's Dyno Day and Dyno comparisons of various induction systems. Also see MiataMania's Dyno Day II

Flyin' Miata's Tales of the Dyno


Flyin' Miata's Tech Tip Archives

The Marketplace

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