Selected excerpts from readers' voluntary feedback.

I would like to thank you for the great site you have put together. You would not belive how helpful this site is. So far i have changed the following things on my 94 Black and Tan NA. My cas and heater hose. My shifter boots were shot and would have never thought about changing them. Fixed my pop up covers where they line up .Got my power windows where they don't moan when you roll em up. Not to mention all the other areas I havnt even started on yet. Many thanks for the information .Yall Rock!!

Everett C.

Why is this guy on the home page? His first video was dull and just plain stupid. The new one is truly insulting. Some dumb teen ogling high school girls (not exactly a pc attitide) hardly represents the best of what "miata-tude" means for the greater majority of the visitors/users of this site. There are plenty of wonderful vidoes that capture the soul of the Miata out there...I haven't seen those set up on the home page. Just cause this silly boy is standing beside a Miata, he makes top billing? Huh?

Please...Dump Tony

Dave K.

Just putting in my 2 cents on the Tony Miata feature. I don't think he belongs here. Not relevant. Not even funny. Borderline offensive.
Thanks for listening.

Glenn G.

As grateful as I am for your site and the forum, the Tony Miata video is not only unfunny, it's disturbing. Yes, I could be hypersensitive because I have a beautiful 17 year old daughter and it's unsettling to see someone promoting objectifying young women, but I think I'm probably not alone in this perception. Gross.
Thanks for listening.


OK, OK, we get it. Tony's video seems to have missed the mark. Not everyone appreciates satire.

Just letting you know how useful and helpful I found the wheel size calculator on the web site, Thank you, its brilliant.


I've been looking at Miata's for a brief period of time and thinking about buying one. Unfortunately, I haven't come across anyone who has experience with one. I find your web site to be very informative and helpful.

Thank You


This is a shot in the dark...but I'm a member of the British MX5 Owners Club and intend to visit the states again this year, we've decided that we would like to re-visit the Canyonlands area in Utah. Obviously it would be impossible for me to bring my own car so I was wondering if they are available to hire in this area. We will be living in an RV but we would love to hire an MX5 for a couple of days and drive topless around some of those fab roads.

Any help would be much appreciated as we will be there for 3 weeks and my withdrawal symptoms will be pretty bad!!

Shirley C.

The biggest problem (for most MX5 drivers) is that US rentals tend to be automatic transmission. It may be difficult to find a manual. But now the good news: Canyonlands National Park is only a few hours drive from Grand Junction, Colorado - home of Flyin' Miata. We recommend contacting FM ( to see if they have any thoughts on how you might get hooked up with an MX5 for a few days.

Good luck!

Keep up the good work - you have NOOOO idea how much money this site has saved me on my car!!!!


It seems to me that articles and information should tell upfront what model they are for so you are aware if it is about your car or not. If I am not mistaken there are at least 3 body styles and probabbly other confusing things.

Name not provided

Its on our to-do list.

Your new look: Nice Job!! I appreciate that a makeover requires lots of effort.

Congratulations to all who participated in the effort. You done good!


Okay... i post an idea... A few people come in and talk about it, we all have a good time... Then someone comes in, acts like an ass and then the rest of the post is nothing but him and a few others making insults and sort of "Jerk comments" about what I posted.

I mean really, if asking questions and coming up with ideas makes me annoying, then why did you guys make this forum?

Michael B.

We have a strict policy against personal attacks on the forum. If you believe that you are personally being attacked, please contact a moderator and they'll take the appropriate action. On the other hand, if people are simply poking fun at your idea, then we recommend that you either get a thicker skin, or come up with a less annoying idea.

Hi...I just wanted to be selected as a Miata participant for my 2006 Miata MX5 and I'm sending you my write up on what happened when I got it. I had a a really cool MGB when I was in my 20's and totally loved it. Well along the way I would mention to my husband who I have been married to for 17 years now and dated for 6 years before that...that I always loved that MGB and someday would love to get another one and would sometimes actually dream that I had one again.

Well in July I turned "50" and my husband surprised me with a Mazda Miata MX5 convertible in a beautiful color of pearl w/a brownish interior and brownish convertible top and it had a big red bow on it that said "I thought this would take care of your hot flashes, Happy Birthday"...and I couldn't believe my eyes and just totally cried because he said he remembered how I use to love my MGB and along the way how I had mentioned it and checked into the Miata which is alot like that little car I loved and he bought it. I'm also kind of a free-bird so he put 2 and 2 together and this was the real deal!!! I'm again in love with a car...only this Miata!!!

Andrea M.

Thanks 25,000 Times. After looking through your FAQ's, I've most definitely decided against purchasing a Miata. I was ready to buy one on Monday. I most appreciatively like your site and your members.

I have been looking at an '07 Miata Touring edition and have been doing some research to see if it was a good deal and then I ran across your site and it strongly suggested reading the FAQ's, which I did and all I saw was problem after problem after problem, and having a few (many) years under my seat, I really was looking for more fun than problems.

Again, thank you and your members for their posts, comments and suggestions.

Dale L.

Trust us, the Miata is most definitely more fun than problems.

I don't post often but greatly appreciate the forum. Lately, I have noticed a definite decline in the quality of posts. I realize this is an open forum - but the bad grammar, lack of punctuation, abbreviations, juvenile posts, etc. have become bothersome. Is there anything you can do to restore us to our former glory? - Or am I just an old geezer and need to deal with it?

Jack W.

Frustrating, isn't it?

I normally don't take the time to give my opinion on anything online, but I just thought I would take a minute to say that this entire site is just about the best I have found, and I have been on the net practically since before it had pictures! It is so easy to find exactly what you want, and without a load of unnecessary .....stuff. To everyone involved in the creation and upkeep, thanks and keep up the great work.

Bruce K.

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