Hard Dog Fabrication

Special Miatae and Presentations

The Florida Higway Patrol Miata.

The FHP Miata is a genuine you-betcha state highway patrol cruiser. It was donated to FHP by Peter Warrick, member of many of the Florida chapters, including Central Florida chapter. It is equipped with radio, CB, siren, blue lights, strobe lights in the parking light lenses, neon underneath, etc., etc.

The car is used primarily in the Officer Friendly program. A uniformed officer visits schools to make the kids first contact with FHP a positive one. The kids are permitted to sit in the car and run the siren and lights.

Peter, who we believe is an ex-FHP officer, retains the right to commandeer the car on occasion for certain Miata events, such as Sun Sizzler and Miata Games at Atlanta.

The Barndoor Fan Club

Put a Flag on your Miata

The Mono Posto

A Mazda Z3?

The V6 4WD Ice Racer

Wheel Machine

Stripe Machine

bullet.jpg (18180 bytes)

Bullet roadster, based on MX5 Miata with turbo rotary or V8 option. Full space frame chassis, custom front and stacks of power (around 280hp according to the owner - John Bettini) Featured in Australia's  Fast Fours and Rotaries, January, 1998. Info from Bullet Rotary

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