Miata World '99

Dallas, Texas

May 6 - 9, 1999

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Larry & Pam Allen from Dallas picked up their newly won 10th Anniversary Miata on Monday morning after Miata World '99. We're told it hasn't quite sunk in yet! Congratulations guys!

The 1999 10th Anniversary Miata was generously donated to Miata World '99 by Mazda. Even though the other 449 registrants at the event didn't go home with another Miata, judging from all the photos, they had a blast anyway!

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The European contingent.

psn00002.jpg (190264 bytes)

Andi Goldt & Chris Lambert

psn00006.jpg (55293 bytes)

The most photographed Miata in Dallas! Compliments to Jeff Holbrook.

psn00007.jpg (37016 bytes)

Very limited.

psn00009.jpg (62597 bytes)

Gary Fischman, Chris Lambert, & Brian Doré

psn00011.jpg (42012 bytes)

A Miata? Where did that picture come from?

psn00012.jpg (68770 bytes)

The cockpit of the Italia - featuring the Team Voodoo horn button. (I need one!)

psn00014.jpg (56993 bytes)

Gary & Cat

psn00004.jpg (68372 bytes)

Keith tickling Baby's toes.

psn00008.jpg (62305 bytes)

The VoodooMeister hisself with Teri Cardell.

psn00010.jpg (54085 bytes)

Ex Delval Prez's Dave "Founder of Wendy's" Thomas & Jeff Jury.

psn00016.jpg (54617 bytes)

SDMC's Cathy & Mark Booth

psn00015.jpg (53916 bytes)

Georgia's Pit Crew

psn00017.jpg (49352 bytes)


psn00020.jpg (74351 bytes)

Skippy Oyster, spinning tales for Axel & Steffi.

psn00021.jpg (85385 bytes)

Gotta love that Bar-B-Cue.

psn00023.jpg (64550 bytes)

How do you say "Yee Ha!" in Dutch?

psn00024.jpg (70202 bytes)

How do you say it in Deutsch?

psn00025.jpg (57708 bytes)

License plate guru Jaime & Jeanne Villacorte - drove halfway across country in 2 separate Miatas!

psn00026.jpg (51785 bytes)

Skippy Oyster - a.k.a. Bob Hall, spinning tales for Tom Matano.

psn00027.jpg (51241 bytes)

Moss dude Robert Goldman making time with Miata Barb Beach!

psn00028.jpg (55403 bytes)

Gary & Vonda. Its a long story.

psn00029.jpg (64985 bytes)

Front: Keith Tanner, Petra Van Den Berge, Robin Setzpfand
Back: Marjory Tidwell & her sister, Jonette Dixon.

psn00030.jpg (59789 bytes)

Karen & Steve Telehowski

revjim.jpg (49094 bytes)

Reverend Jim carries the torch for Miatas Across America / Miatas Around the World

psn00018.jpg (62746 bytes)

Amy & Rob Young

Best of Show win at the Miata World '99  Concours d' Elegance.

psn00031.jpg (57930 bytes)

...and everyone else at Miata World '99!

mom.jpg (65355 bytes)

I Luv Mom



11 June, 1999

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