Ever see something really strange or weird that in some way involves Miatas? Send us a photo, newspaper ad, or whatever and win a used tattoo. Please, no Photoshop masterpieces - we are looking for the genuinely odd, unbelievable, or just plain funny. Just click the "Contact" button below to send us a submission.

Last update: 12 April, 2006

More fun stuff that isn't quite about Miatas...

Skidmarks Miata Archive

Hey, that jacket stole my Miata!

Spied... next MazdaSpeed Miata by Ford

Simon T. sent in this one and warned not to park in front of the bird sanctuary.

Why remove the tie downs when you can chrome them?

Ms. Skidmarks 2004

Brian W. sent this photo and asked,
"Is it OK for your trailer to outweigh you car by 1800lbs?"

Ice, Ice baby....

Miatas always make a great crowd pleaser!

Rusty always checks her mirrors before backing.

Luke W. sent in this picture of his "Miata-sickle"

Brian Esterly sent in this photo of testing going on for the new Miata gondola!

A Miatang?

Got Snow?

Much thanks to Lou Iezzi for this picture of a Miata driving THROUGH the country side in Australia.

His & Hers towel racks?!?

I wonder what's in the door panels?!?!

Everything but the kitchen sink... oh wait, there's one.

Cold enough to make your teeth chatter!

When 4 lights isn t enough!

You might want to open that hood up and count again!

Abraham Velez from Puerto Rico sent in this photo of Robert testing the limits of his scissors jack.

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