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Last update: 14 February, 2004

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Skidmarks Non-Miata Archive

Mike Pablo took this picture in Philly and hopes that $300 fine isn't for taking pictures of the sign.

As the parts fall off going down the freeway, please mail them back to....

Mike and Lynn Bailey are ready for their Miata Club's annual Halloween party.

And yet again the word "Collectable" takes a hit.

As seen on eBay... Wood palate wing, hood & roof scope and lighten racing weight sans rear doors.

Bamboo exhaust pipe on a Woody... Nice!!

Sometimes you just need a bigger car.

I guess this answers the question How low can you go?

The latest BMW Z3 review by the migratory Canadians was not too favorable.

If $25K is priced right...what is $36,500?!?

It's not what you's all about the wheels.

Going to school in style.

Honey, I said park AT the marina not IN the marina!

Too late!!

Man what do the locals drive in that town?

A self critiquing venture!

This crazy intersection is right around the corner from my house. Which color line has priority?

From our "Only in Mississippi department." Note the permanently attached picnic table on the trunk and dual loudspeakers mounted to the roof….Next on COPS!!

This guy gets invited to a lot of tailgate parties!

Spied!! The first 350Z stuck in the mud.

Notice the Miata on the right was keeping it's distance from the "growth" on the side of this station wagon.

"This battery is for you!"

Here is a guy you don't want to be in front of in traffic!

Pay no attention to the secret hangar and runway on your right.

Now get left!


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