Physics of Racing Series

These articles were written by Brian Beckman ( physicist, and member of No Bucks Racing Club.

ęCopyright 1991, Brian Beckman

Physics of Racing Series

Part 1: Weight Transfer
Part 2: Keeping Your Tires Stuck to the Ground
Part 3: Basic Calculations
Part 4: There Is No Such Thing as Centrifugal Force
Part 5: Introduction to the Racing Line
Part 6: Speed and Horsepower
Part 7: The Traction Budget
Part 8: Simulating Car Dynamics with a Computer Program
Part 9: Straights
Part 10: Grip Angle
Part 11: Braking
Part 12: CyberCar, Every Racer's DWIM Car?
Part 13: Transients 
Part 14: Why Smoothness? 
Part 15: Bumps In The Road 
Part 16: RARS, A Simple Racing Simulator 
Part 17: "Slow-in, Fast-out!" or, Advanced Analysis of the Racing Line 
Part 18: "Slow In, Fast Out!" or, Advanced Racing Line, Continued 
Part 19 : Space, Time, and Rubber 
Part 20 : Four-Point Statics 
Part 21: The Magic Formula: Longitudinal Version 
Part 22: The Magic Formula: Lateral Version 
Part 23: Trail Braking 
Part 24: Combination Slip 
Part 25: Combination Grip 
Part 26: The Driving Wheel, Chapter I

Physics of Racing Series, FAQ

Converted by: Robert Keller,

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