Factory Options (Mazda's new foramt for 2000)


  • 14-inch Steel Wheels (commonly called "factory" wheels)
  • Four-spoke steering wheel
  • Manual steering
  • Fixed antena (non-power)

Spotting Tips

There is no readily visable change for 2000, but one can determine it is not a '99 M2 by looking for the following items that were discontinued for 2000:

  • With the factory steel wheels being discontinued, the only M2s that have them are '99s. The same goes for the 4-spoke steering wheel - If you see one of these on an M2 you know it's a '99 and not a 2000.
  • A Fixed antenna on an M2 means it can only be a '99 and not a '00 because they were discontinued for '00.
  • Need to see more of the 2000s to find some visual cues (Jan 00)