Factory Options
  • Base model: Manual steering, 14-inch steel wheels and no radio.
  • A Package: Power-assisted steering, leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum alloy wheels and cassette stereo with anti-theft coding.
  • B Package: Package A items plus cruise control, power windows and headrest speakers.
  • Removeable hardtop (Classic Red only).
  • Viscous-type limited-slip differential.
  • The only interior color available for that first year was black, with a black top.
  • The "Mazda" logo could be found on the driver's side of the front bumper, the center of the steering wheel, the center cap of the alloy wheel, and to the right of the license plate holder. To the left of the license plate area was the Miata script emblem printed in black on a chrome badge.
  • The first factory radio was made by Panasonic, model #1267.
Spotting Tips

(The spotting tips are quick alternatives to looking at the car's VIN plate and hunting for the year code. All tips are for stock Miatas that have not been altered by the owner.)

  • '90 Miatas were the only cars that do not have the two warning lights flanking the square info screen at the bottom center of the instrument panel.
  • The early '90 Miatas were the only cars to have soft top latches that were finished in gloss black. Later in '90 the latches were changed to a flat black finish.
  • To tell the packages apart, first look at the wheels. If the Miata has the steel wheels, it is a base model. If the Miata has alloy wheels, then it has package A or B. The easiest way to tell an A package from a B package is to look for the power windows, which is part of the B package only.

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