Factory Options
  • A Package: (New) Power mirrors, power-assisted steering, leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum alloy wheels, and headrest speakers (moved from package B to package A).
  • B Package: Package A items plus cruise control, power windows, and a power antenna.
  • (New) C Package: B package items, plus tan interior with leather seating surfaces and tan vinyl top. (All colors except Mariner Blue).
  • (New) Mazda Sensory Sound System (MSSS) with compact disc player. This radio is referred to by some enthusiasts as the "silver-faced radio". (requires package B or C)
  • Removeable hardtop with defroster and headliner.
  • Viscous-type limited-slip differential.
  • Automatic transmission.
  • Anti-lock brakes (Requires Package B or C).
  • Limited Edition (Brilliant Black with red interior only):
      Introduced in the spring of '93, this limited edition (LE) Miata includes B package items plus, BBS wheels, red interior,carpet and floor mats, leather seats, a rear lip-type spoiler, rear lower skirt, front air dam, doorsill plates, Nardi shifter, a key fob, Bilstein shocks, red vinyl tonneau cover, anti-lock brakes, Mazda Sensory Sound System (MSSS) with compact disc player and polished door speaker covers that are shaped like a Harley Davidson's gas tank. Other options include a removeable hardtop and 4-speed automatic transmission. Only 1,500 '93 LEs were sold in the US.
  • Silver Stone Metallic discontinued. This was the first production color discontinued for the Miata. Approximately 18,000 silver Miatas were sold in the US.
  • Cassette stereo with anti-theft coding and a cupholder that could take the place of the center console ashtray became a standard feature for all Miata models.
  • Mazda changed its logo on the Miata from the "Mazda" print to a new "Diamond in a Circle" logo. The new logo appeared on the front nose, and center cap of both the alloy and steel wheels.
  • The word "Mazda" on the center of the steering wheel was changed to "SRS Airbag".
Spotting Tips
  • The '93 Miata is the easiest production year to recognize. The new Mazda logo on the removeable center caps of the alloy wheels ended up being the only year to have that logo due to the change of the entire wheel the following year.

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