Factory Options
  • A Package: (New) Torsen limited slip differential (manual transmission only), power-assisted steering, leather-wrapped steering wheel, power mirrors, aluminum alloy wheels and headrest speakers.

  • B Package: Package A items plus cruise control, power windows and power antenna.

  • C Package: (All colors) B package items, plus tan interior with leather seating surfaces and tan vinyl top.

  • R Package (New Mid-year intro): Sport suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers, rear spoiler, front air dam, rear skirt, aluminum alloy wheels and Torsen limited-slip differential (not available with automatic or other option packages).

  • Removeable hardtop with defroster.

  • Automatic Transmission with (New) lockup torque converter, and Hold mode.

  • Anti-lock brakes (requires Package A, B or C).

  • M Edition (Montego Blue Mica only):
      This special Miata includes Montego Blue Mica paint, Package C items plus polished alloy wheels, Nardi wood shift knob, wood parking-brake grip, logo floor mats and special M Edition key fob and interior/exterior badges. Other options include a removeable hardtop, anti-lock brakes and a 4-speed automatic transmission. Approximately 3,000 '94 M Editions were sold in the US.
  • The following items were (New)or redesigned for the '94 Miata:
    • 1.8 liter engine / 128 horsepower
    • Alloy wheels redesigned and larger (14x6)
    • Passenger side airbag
    • Cross brace behind seats
    • Bigger brakes (10 inch front disc & 9.9 inch rear disc)
    • Redesigned dash
    • Bigger gas tank (12.7 gal)
    • Fully lined trunk
    • Map pockets added to doors
    • Seat fabric changed
    • Raised lettering on engine cam cover
    • Flash to pass
    • Red lettering for rear Miata badge
    • Seatbelt anchor located on seat
    • C package door panel tops are black
    • Torsen limited-slip differential (not availble on automatics or base models)

  • The following items were discontinued for the '94 Miata:
    • Arm rest mounted on doors
    • Driver's side interior light
    • Removeable door speaker covers

  • Crystal White was changed in appearance and renamed simply "White".

  • Mariner Blue discontinued (the total sold in the US is still being researched).

  • Mazda's R package was a $1,500 option package that became very popular with the showroom stock racers. Mazda estimated that only 500 were built for the '94 model year. Other options available for R package equiped Miatas was a removeable hardtop and air conditioning.

  • A factory racing stripe kit, designed by Mark Jordan, was availble in white and pearl blue, and their use was encouraged for the R package Miatas.

  • The introduction of the M Edition was marketing genius on the part of Mazda. They did not have to adhere to automotive industry definitions of Limited Edition or Special Edition; they created their "own" edition which became just as coveted by Miata enthusiasts. The polished alloy wheels, offered on the '94 M Edition, were never again equipped on a US Miata from the factory.
Spotting tips
  • '94 Miatas have all the new changes such as wheels and dual airbags which distinguish them from previous years. The easiest way to tell them apart from later years is to look for the two-piece folding sunvisors that were changed in '95 to a one-piece version.

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