Factory Options
  • A Package: Power-assisted steering, leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum alloy wheels and cassette stereo with anti-theft coding.
  • B Package: Package A items plus cruise control, power windows and headrest speakers.
  • Removeable hardtop (All colors except silver).
  • Viscous-type limited-slip differential.
  • (New) Automatic Transmission.
  • (New) Anti-lock brakes (Requires Package B).
  • Special Edition (British Racing Green only):
    • The first special edition (SE) Miata was introduced in the spring of '91 and included British Racing Green paint, package B items, a tan interior and carpet, leather seats, Nardi wood shift knob, wood handbrake grip, stainless steel scuff plates, compact disc player, a personalized interior badge and a tan vinyl tonneau cover. Other options included a removeable hardtop, anti-lock brake system and 4-speed automatic transmission. Only 4,000 units were produced of this SE.
Spotting Tips
  • The '91 Miata was the first year the two warning lights on the instrument panel were added. The pair of lights are flanking the square information screen at the bottom center of the instrument panel. In '92 the Miata got a rear sub-frame cross brace that one could see under the rear of the car. If there is no sub-frame cross brace, and there are two warning lights on the dash, then it is a '91 Miata.

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