Factory Options
  • A Package: Power-assisted steering, leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum alloy wheels and cassette stereo with anti-theft coding.
  • B Package: Package A items plus cruise control, power windows, headrest speakers and a (New) power antenna.
  • Removeable hardtop with (New) defroster and headliner (all colors).
  • Viscous-type limited-slip differential.
  • Automatic transmission.
  • Anti-lock brakes (Requires Package B or black Miata).
  • Mazda produced only 1,519 units of the Sunburst Yellow Miata and it was only available with option package A. The yellow 3-coat paint was listed as an extra-cost option for $250.
  • Brilliant Black came in two different versions:
    • Standard Features: Tan leather seating surfaces, leather-wrapped steering wheel, tan convertible top, aluminum alloy wheels, cassette stereo, power windows and power steering.
    • Optional Features: Package C (available only with Brilliant Black), BBS alloy wheels, Nardi wood handles, stainless steel doorsill scuff plates, cruise control, headrest speakers and a power antenna.
  • It seems that there is some confusion on whether or not the Brilliant Black was a Special Edition Miata here in the States. THE ILLUSTRATED MAZDA BUYER'S GUIDE, by John Matras, states that this model was an "open order" and not an SE. The '92 Miata brochure, printed 2/92, from Mazda, does not refer to the car anywhere as special or limited. Mazda's '92 auto show mini brochure, pictured the black and tan Miata with the caption "Black Miata Roadster with Package C". Some owners have reported that their '92 black Miatas have "Special Edition" printed on the window sticker. Window stickers are printed by the local dealers. Marketing ads in Canada refer to this Miata as a Special Edition, but not here in the US. One of the best explanations for all this confusion is that the '92 Brilliant Black was going to be introduced as a Special Edition but then Mazda marketed and sold it as a C package Miata making way for that package to be available in '93 on more colors.
  • (New) A remote trunk release was added to all Miatas as a standard feature.
  • (New) A cross brace was added to the underside of the rear suspension.
  • (New) Rear window derfroster and headliner for the hardtop.
Spotting Tips
  • The '92 Miata looks almost identical to the '90s and '91s, except for a rear cross brace that was added under the car which can be seen if one bends over to view it. Look for a two foot long bar that runs between the rear wheel's suspension. In '93 the Miata's wheel caps and logos changed, so the '92 model is the only year with "Mazda" written on the center caps of the wheels and the nose piece, and a rear subframe brace. '92 Package B Miatas can be spotted by their new power antennas.

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