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Stock ones only last about 30k

R&R Shocks/Springs without a Spring Compressor

Removing Springs and shocks

Suspension / shocks / upgrades

Installing a Suspension Upgrade

Shock Absorber Replacement

Whoa for your go

[NB] Brake Caliper Rebuild (Video)

Bleeding Brakes

[NC] Brake Pads (PDF)

Parking brake operation and info

ABS Brake Installation


Brake Pad Replacement

Big Brake Conversion for 90-93 Miatas

Essential for handling

Four wheel alignment


Lanny's Alignment Page


NC Sway bar replacement

NA Front Bearing Replacement

Polyurethane Bushing installation

Front Anti-roll bar Install

Rear Anti-roll bar Install

Power Steering Retrofit

Differential seal replacement for NB

Install a Torson Differential in a '90-93

Shock Tower Brace Installation

Solo II Sway Bar Combinations

The 65 MPH Shimmy

Torque Specs

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