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Audio Issues

Dash Removal - '89-'93

Install a VW Navigation System in a '01 Miata

NB OEM Audio System FAQ

Everything you ever cared to know about modifying the Miata

A High End Audio System

Miata Monster Stereo

Audio in the Mazda Miata/MX5

Sound Advice

Cellular Phone Performance

Eyeball Vents

'96 M Factory Alarm System

For the juice you need

The Miata Battery

Jump Starting your Miata


NBInstall 2001+ head unit in a 2000 or earlier

NC Radio Removal

Install a Honda CD Player

Custom wire a Sony CD Changer in a '91 Miata

Sony system upgrade for '92

Head Unit Installation

NB Audio System Installation

Bypass the BOSE in NB

Sony in-dash CD player installation

Alpine CD Changer Vertical Mount Installation

Alpine CD Changer Horizontal Mount Installation

Installing an Aftermarket CD Changer

Fix skipping CD on MSSS

Console Removal (Elusive screw)

Miata Radio Removal

NB Stereo Interface Descriptions

Power Antenna Repair

Radio On/Off switch Problem

Radio Code Override

Information and options

'00 Headrest Speaker Install

'97 Headrest Speaker Install

'96 Headrest Speaker Improvement

'95 Headrest Speaker Install

Rear Speakers in your NB

Audio Windblocker

The Mazda Sensory Sound System (MSSS) FAQ

Subwoofer Installation

Bazooka Subwoofer Installation

Hakuna's 8" Subwoofer Install

The Miata.net Marketplace

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