Moss Miata
  Interior Garage
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Doors and Windows
Minor changes have a major effect

Window Guide Replacement (NB)new.gif (135 bytes)

Weatherstripping Replacement

Fixing Slow or Stiff Windows

Retrofit NB door panels into an NA

Replace the door lock

Rejuvenating your Weatherstripping

Cleaning Power Window Switch

Slow Power Windows Fix

Slow Power Windows Fix

Door Glass Replacement

One-Touch Power Windows

Lubricating Door Windows

Replace Power windows with Manual

Window Track Lubrication

Defeat the Miata Door Lock

Fixing your Power Windows

Steering Wheels and Airbags
Removals and replacements

Removing the Passenger's Side Airbag

Driver's Side Airbag Removal

Momo Steering Wheel Installations

Airbag Blink Codes

Upholstery and repair

Do-it-yourself Seat Modification (Foamectomy)new.gif (135 bytes)

Aftermarket Miata Seat Chart

Racing Seat & Harness Installation

Re-upholstering Your Miata Seats in Leather

Restore Faded Cloth Seats

Seat Heater Installation

Adding headroom by removing seat foam

Make one or buy one

'99 Windblocker in a '92 Miata

Another Homegrown Windblocker

And another

And another (Steel/Mesh) Windblocker

Wood Windblocker

Power Accessories
Use the force

NA/NB Remote Programming

Spare Key Programming

Audiovox Cruise Control Installation

OEM Switch gear for Audiovox

Installing a remote garage opener

Disabling the Seat Belt/Key Warning Buzzer

Factory Cruise Control Installation

Addendum to Factory Cruise Install

Installing a Kill Switch

Power Lock Installation

Remote Keyless Entry for '99

Power Lock Installation for UK vehicles

Power Trunk Release ('99)


Oil Pressure Gauge Diagnostics

Gauge Installation

Gauge Face Installation

Colored Gauge Face Installation

More Oil Gauge Articles


NA LED Interior Lighting

Shorten your Parking Brake Lever

Miata Center Console Hinge Fix

NB WOLO Horn Installation

Cockpit Brace Installation

Cleaning the Ignition Switch

Dash Removal - '89-'93

Intermittent Wiper Control

Steering Column Cover Tab Repair

Fiamm Air Horn Install

Do-it-yourself Armrest Pad

Shelf Extension

"Lazy Cupholder" fix

Air Conditioning Installation ('99)

Adding Mirror lights

Faded Tan Dash fix

Heater Problems - Too much heat

Air Conditioning - R-134 Conversion

Air Conditioning - R-134 recharge

Wood Dash Installation

Glovebox Repair

Repair sagging glovebox on M2

Faux Chrome Interior

Ignition Switch Replacement (M2)

NB Console Removal

Tighten your Air Vents

Add a Big Red Button Starter

Shift Boot Replacement

Install a Honda S2000 Starter Button

Another S2000 Starter Button

Appearance add-ons


Air Horn Installation

'99 Robbins Tonneau Installation

Disable Your Console Trunk Release - Temporarily!

A coin holder ashtray replacement

Cover your brake handle in Leather

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